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Deposit information

Why do i take a deposit?

  • To secure the appointment

  • To avoid cancelation

  • To avoid fake calls

  • To avoid paying a hotel for nothing (incall)

  • To avoid spending gas and time for nothing (outcall)

  • To avoid dangerous and aggressive clients

How can you trust me with your deposit?

  • I have reviews since 2016 on Merb

  • I have reviews across Canada on Merb Terb Caf

  • I pay VIP for my advertisement

  • I pay for my website

  • I pay for professional photoshoots

  • I am active on social media. Twitter account: @_pamela_L

  • I have no reason to scam and ruin my reputation for only a deposit. I want the total amount for the booking, not just a deposit.

  • I accept amazon gift cards and Bitcoin if discretion is an issue with you.

Why i don't trust you without a deposit?

  • text apps, anyone can make 1000 numbers.

  • fake calls

  • jealous SPs making fake calls

  • trolls making fake calls

  • no show because of lazyness

  • no respect for my time

  • no respect for my money

  • no respect for me

  • anyone can show up

How to pay deposit?

  • I accept Etransfer, it can be sent to through your bank account.

  • I have a more discreet email if necessary, please ask.

  • If Etransfer is not an option for you i also accept Amazon gift cards and Bitcoin. you can purchase giftcards online, in a gas station or anywhere they have a gift card rack.

Deposit information: FAQ
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