Rules to read and form to fill

for a safe comfortable meeting

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Take a shower before the session and after MSOG. wash your hands, privates front and back with soap. Use the mouth wash with the paper cups. Have clipped nails and a well trimed beard.

Personal items

All personal items must be stored inside a drawer or closet. (glasses, watch ,phone, clothing, coat, shoes, bag etc.)


drinks served must be from an unopened bottle. cocktails are made in front of me or by myself. I do not partake in any kind of drugs.


Donation is given at the beginning and is not refundable. I will count it before we proceed with our rendezvous . Deposits are also not refundable.


Deposit is required for outcall and multihours. I also accept Amazon giftcard and Bitcoin. please visit Deposit Information if you have any questions.


I welcome anyone over the age of 21, women, couples, disabled, any ethnicity.


Send for my round trip, hotel room and 50% of donation. 8H+ Canada, 24H+ international.


5H+ dates needs social and eating time. Sleepovers requires my own room and 8h of uninterrupted sleep.

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After filling the form, please send a text message with the same number inserted.

Text 581-700-6068

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